SUVIDHAA GROUP provides multiple softwares, like -

  • office management
  • inventory management
  • hospital management
  • employment management etc....

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    Web Designing!

    SUVIDHAA GROUP provides all types of web designing facilities& modifications.It brings unique,colourful and pleasing web designs which will definitely suit your choice and we also provide changes as per your choice and demand.
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    SUVIDHAA GROUP provides multiple softwares, like -

  • video representation
  • video advertising

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    Web Hosting.

    Multi easy recharge software.....!

    Multi easy recharge software is the easiest way for connectivity.It provides you with the best server along with tremendous speed. It makes life easy.Low investment,Lifetime income.

    Web Hosting :

    With the way the whole world has gone internet savvy these days, people now realize that having a web presence is a necessity and not luxury. Having a website is great, as it represents your products or services to the whole world with a single click. This makes your personality and business a boost. But it is not enough to have a website, one should make sure one has the right kind of web hosting.

    A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website via World Wide Web. There are different types of web hosting so you need to know & familiarize yourself with the types and choose the one which suits your business the best. SUVIDHAA GROUP team will guide you to make the right choice for your business.

  • Shared Webhosting
  • This is one of the cheapest form of Web Hosting. Its cheap as the same server is available for different customers. Hence the different clients around the world share the same, so SHARED.

    SUVIDHAA GROUP you will control the Server, and will see its running always.All you have to do is to sign up with. Shared Web Hosting comes at a very affordable cost and it provides all the scripting languages , control panel , applications etc Dedicated Web Hosting Compared to Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting is much more reliable and sophisticated. As the name "DEDICATED" itself suggests that here an entire server is dedicated to the single customer. Here the customer is allowed to rent an entire server and use it all by yourself. The customer enjoys the freedom of all the resources and also has the ability to host more than one website. SUVIDHAA GROUP provides Single Server to Single Customer, and makes sure its running properly without any disturbances. XENTRIC team gives 100% technical assistance to its customers. Customer Satisfaction is our ULTIMATE Goal. Windows & Linux Web Hosting.

    Apart from choosing a type of web hosting based on sharing a server or using single handedly, you also need to know what kind of platform it supports.

    The common ones are LINUX & WINDOWS. Windows web hosting will support the Windows platform & LINUX web hosting will support the Linux platform.

    SUVIDHAA GROUP you provides both the platform as per the customers requirement.

    There are different plans of SUVIDHAA GROUP you on LINUX & WINDOWS Web Hosting Service.

  • Domain Registration
  • We take immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the pioneers in the arena of IT software solutions and services that is committed to offer clients the best in customer service while also providing cutting-edge, customized solutions at extremely competitive prices.

    We have been actively involved in working with small, medium sized businesses to large corporate and have successfully handled highly technical projects that perform the best yet easy to use and manage. Our company delivers solutions that cover diverse industry verticals covering Finance, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Transport etc. to name a few.

    We lend a hand in turning your ideas into reality in the most fruitful manner and take your forethoughts into consideration, by understanding your marketing and sales strategies, to which we apply our technical expertise and provide your business with the most effective solution.

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    Our aim
    "To provide best easy recharge software and support for this software. Also affortable web site design and development services for different devices is our aim, that fully meet your requirements."
    What our client say?
    " I can confirm, bougth the theme a couple of days SUVIDHAA GROUP is really fantastic. Very flexible, very good support. I really like it."

    Latest news

    • Reliance Communications offers free talk-time, recharge benefits for cyclone-hit Odisha.
      November 14, 2012
    • Tata Docomo to expand high-speed mobile broadband service.
      November 14, 2013
    • Telcos want higher processing fee for mobile recharge.
      November 14, 2013

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